With 19.5" wheels: impossible does not exist.

Thanks to the innovative axle configuration and optimized frame structure, Credobus models are tons lighter than their competitors. The ultra-low own weight is a real jackpot from an environmental and economic point of view.



Huge savings with ultralight buses

Credobus models are tons lighter than their competitors, so they consume significantly less fuel. The innovative axle configuration and the optimized frame structure result in approximately 15 % fuel savings and a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

The amount of savings at the fleet level of the 2,600 operating Credobuses can exceed EUR 12,5 million per year.

How much CO2 is in the saved fuel?

Each liter of fuel saved saves the atmosphere from 2.64 kg of carbon dioxide. According to realistic calculations, the 2,600 operating buses make it possible to avoid the emission of nearly 30,000 tons of greenhouse gas annually.

One and a half million trees would be able to bind this amount.

Saves money during its entire life cycle

The ultra-light construction and the vertically integrated production model of the Kravtex-Kühne Group provide operators with unprecedented cost efficiency. Credobus models are proven to be economical from purchase to operation to the sale of the used vehicle.


The ultra-low own weight reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 %. Depending on mileage, this means savings of more than EUR 5,000 per bus per year.

Purchase price

To move the low net weight, there is no need to use oversized main units, which reduces production costs. Therefore, the purchase price advantage can exceed 15 %.

Spare parts

Kühne independently manufactures almost all the integrated metal parts of the Credobuses. The supply of spare parts without intermediaries means a further significant cost reduction for operators.

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