The ultralight e-bus family coming soon.


VOLÁNBUSZ's brand new Credobus fleet of 47 units has been put into operation.


100 new Inovell buses start operating at VOLÁNBUSZ.


The world's lightest, 18-meter category articulated bus

Factory inauguration

The Credobus production hall was expanded to 20,000 square meters.

Credobus connects us.

Credobus is a brand of the Hungarian Kravtex-Kühne Group. In Mosonmagyaróvár and Győr, we have been manufacturing Hungary's most popular buses since 1999.


Manufactured buses


Részarány a
VOLÁNBUSZ flottájában




Hungarian manufacturing partners


Huge savings with ultralight buses

Credobus models are tons lighter than their competitors, so they consume significantly less fuel. The innovative axle configuration and the optimized frame structure result in approximately 15 % fuel savings and a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

The amount of savings at the fleet level of the 2,600 operating Credobuses can exceed EUR 12,5 million per year.

Made in Hungary

We believe in manufacturing with high added value

Our subsidiary, Kühne in Mosonmagyaróvár, independently manufactures not only the self-supporting frame structures, but almost all the integrated metal components of Credobuses.

Hungarian value ratio relative to purchase price: 70 - 75 %



True world novelty

Credobus Econell 18 Next is the world's lightest articulated bus in the 18-meter category.

The big relaunch of Hungarian articulated bus production.

Career (HU)

Work at Credobus

Those who work at Credobus can count not only on a secure job, but also on a predictable development path. Our colleague's work is accompanied by tactile results and a sense of success every day.


Fans first

The Credobus Shop is for those who love our buses. The original Credobus products can be ordered in our webshop. (Currently only available in Hungary.)

Anno 1856

Kühne, the oldest Hungarian machine factory

Our subsidiary, Kühne Agricultural Machinery cPlc., founded in 1856 and named after Kühne Ede in Mosonmagyaróvár, is the oldest machinery factory in Hungary that has preserved its original profile.


Kravtex Ltd. – headquarters

H-9022 Győr, Liszt Ferenc utca 7.
Phone.: +36 (96) 318-997
Fax: +36 (96) 523-571
E-mail: kravtex@kravtex.hu
Press relations: credobus@credobus.hu
Web: www.credobus.hu

Kravtex Ltd. – Credobus production plant

H-9023 Győr, Tegez utca 1-3.
Phone: +36 (96) 417-557
E-mail: kravtex@kravtex.hu
Web: www.credobus.hu

Kühne Agricultural Machinery cPlc.

H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Kühne Ede tér 2.
Phone: +36 (96) 575-500
Fax: +36 (96) 575-590
E-mail: kuhne@kuhne.hu
Web: www.kuhne.hu

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